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We’ll help you choose the right carpet from our extensive range

It’s incredibly important, when it comes to choosing the carpet for your room, that the choice you make is the right one.


Selecting a carpet that is perfect for you in style, colour and texture is not always an easy decision – but the extensive range on offer at Teddington Carpet Centre ensures you will be able to find just what you want.


Whether you are looking for a carpet for a family home, office, shop, library or hospital, we will not rush you. We will work patiently with you as you decide on a carpet that will truly satisfy you.

Our wide range of products will meet your design requirements – and your spending power.


Among the leading brands we stock are Axminster, Cormar, Westex and Crucial Trading, but we also offer selected ranges that offer great value for money for the budget-conscious.


As well as the carpets, we stock a broad variety of underlays and accessories to ensure your carpet is as good-looking and durable as possible.


Call or visit us today to see how Teddington Carpet Centre can provide you with a floor that’s right for you.






And finally to underlays. They are not seen, but are as important as any design or style. We offer a comprehensive range of underlays and accessories. These can affect the performance of the carpet dramatically in terms of durability, comfort and appearance.



Carpet selection

By clicking on the image below you will be directed to our selection page giving you a wide choice of products, colours and finishes.



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